• Examinations and tests enable parents to know the progress of their children and pay due attention to their studies at home.

  • There will be two examinations of students to register their progress : Half-Yearly and Annual.

  • Besides these terminal examinations, there may also be monthly tests which are compulsory. Any leave application on medical grounds during the examination period has to be submitted before or on the day of the examination. Any such application coming on a later date will not be accepted.

  • Promotion to the next class will be made on the basis of the average of marks obtained in Half-Yearly and Annual.

  • The pass marks for each subject is 40%

  • For promotion, a student must obtain pass percentage in at least four major subjects which must include the subject English.

  • A Student who, for reasons accepted by the Principal, is not able to appear for the Half-Yearly, has to appear for the Annual and his/her result is based on this examination.

  • A student who does not appear for Half-yearly as well as Annual Examination, will not be promoted.

  • Students whose attendance is below 75% of the working days may not be eligible to appear for the Annual Examination.

  • A student who gives or obtains unfair assistance at an examination will be debarred from the rest of the examination and will get a zero in that paper. Such a student may be detained in the same class or dismissed from the school.

  • A student who fails twice in the same class will be asked to leave the school.

  • A student of class XI who does not achieve pass percentage in the total evaluation of the year will not be permitted to be a regular student next year in the same class. However, he/she may be permitted to appear for the final examination at the end of that year at the discretion of the Principal. On passing in that examination, he/she may be admitted to the higher class (XII) as regular student once again, in which case his/ her attendance of class XI will be accounted for.

  • Attendance in all papers, both in Half-Yearly and Annual is compulsory in view of rank in the Examination.

  • Answer books of the examinations are not shown. The result declared at the end of the year is final and not subject to reconsideration.

  • The school does not undertake to retain answer scripts of candidates who sit for examinations for more than 60 days after the results are issued.

  • A failed student forfeits all claims to concession in school fees.

  • The decision of the school authorities on results shall be final and in no case shall lie in any court of law in respect of their decision.


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