• Admission to LKG is generally announced in the LAST WEEK OF JANUARY, FOUR YEARS is the age of admission in LKG. A corresponding scale of age is fixed for the subsequent classes.

  • A student joining the school for the first time must produce a satisfactory evidence of the Municipal or village or hospital records or a Baptismal Certificate. Date of birth once recorded will not be changed.

  • Generally, there is NO admission to other classes. However, depending on vacancies that may arise, opportunity may be provided to eligible candidates.

  • When a student is admitted on a transfer certificate, he/she shall not be placed in any class higher than that for which the certificate shows him/her to be qualified, nor will he/she be promoted before the end of a school year.

  • A student who does not complete the school calendar year is not eligible for promotion, hence admission will be made accordingly.

  • No student will be admitted without a transfer certificate from the school last attended; and in no case shall a student be permitted to attend a class pending formal admission.

  • Only students from recognized English Medium Schools will be considered for admission.

  • The School leaving certificate of a student joining from a school outside Uttar Pradesh must be countersigned by the Education Authorities of the District in which the previous school is situated.

  • Class XI: Admission to Class XI is not automatic for the students of class X of this school. It will depend on the marks obtained at the ICSE as well as the conduct record of the student during the years in the school.

  • Generally no admissions are made to class X & XII.

  • In case of re-admission after withdrawal, admission fee will be levied again.

  • A certain number of seats are reserved for SC/ST Candidates.

  • The Principal reserves the right to admit or to refuse admission to anybody without assigning any reason for his action.


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